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We offer tune-up and repair services for most all lawn and garden equipment that you may have. If it's a lawn mower, hedge trimmer, chain saw, or even that snow thrower for those New England winters, we have you covered. And we don't stop there.

If you have a small engine product that needs repair, or just some up keeping, then we are sure that we can take care of you.

For any questions you may have, or to find out if we can help you,please feel free to contact us!

Schedule of Storage

We understand that sometimes you may not be able to pick-up your equipment right after the work is completed. However, due to limited space, we have imposed this policy, to ensure that our customer’s equipment will be safe and secure while with us here at Jonathon’s. The day the work is completed, a telephone call is made to inform the owner that their equipment is good to go. A second phone call will be made, as a friendly reminder, two business days later. Immediately following the second call, a letter, with a copy of the invoice, will be mailed to the owner as well.

One calendar week from the initial call, we add a storage surcharge to the invoice in the amount of $25 at 8am. One calendar week from the second call, an additional charge of $10 will be added at the close of business. An additional $10 will be assessed to the invoice each additional day that follows, not including days we are not open. All fees, except for the initial $25 fee, will be assessed at the close of business on that day. Please note – these fees can be avoided by making prior arrangements with either Keith, Vivian, or Jonathon. Such arrangements must be made before the close of business the day of the first initial telephone call.

Return Policy:

Returns are accepted at Jonathon’s for items purchased at the Front Counter. We do not accept returns on parts that were installed on to equipment as part of a work order. For information pertaining to those types of returns, please call and speak with either Jonathon, or Keith. Items purchased at the Front Counter can be returned, with the original receipt, if within thirty days from date of purchase. No returns are accepted on Special Orders, Items with Electronic Components, or Opened Liquid Items. Any acceptable return will be assessed a 20% restocking fee at the time of the return.

Payments Accepted:

  1. If Paid In Person At The Front Counter
    1. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (With or Without EVM Chip)
    2. Personal or Business Checks, Money Orders, Cash
    3. Apple Pay, Android Pay
  2. If Paid Over The Telephone (Payments by phone ONLY accepted Mon – Fri, from 9am – 5pm):
    1. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
    2. Check (Processed as an ACH Debit to your account, aka eCheck)
  3. If Paid By Mail (Address is: 179 West St., West Hatfield, MA 01088):
    1. Check, Money Order