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We offer tune-up and repair services for most all lawn and garden equipment that you may have. If it's a lawn mower, hedge trimmer, chain saw, or even that snow thrower for those New England winters, we have you covered. And we don't stop there.

If you have a small engine product that needs repair, or just some up keeping, then we are sure that we can take care of you.

For any questions you may have, or to find out if we can help you,please feel free to contact us!


Below, please find a description of various charges or fees that may appear on Repair Invoices, Sales Invoices, or Statements. Most all this information is printed on the reverse side of both Repair and Sales Invoices. This information is subject to change with or without notice. For the most up to date and accurate information on these policies and fees, please contact the business at the main number.

Acceptable Forms of Payment:

Jonathon's will happily accept your payment in the form of check, or money order made payable to "Jonathon's Yard & Garden" or cash. We do not accept any form of electronic payments at this time. Any check returned as unpaid, will constitute a charge of $35.00 on the customer's account, in addition to any applicable late payment fees that may have applied if the returned payment was not paid.

Return Policy:

Returns are accepted within thirty days from the purchase date, if accompanied with the original invoice. Returns are not accepted on special order items, liquids of any sort, electronic components. Applicable items returned will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Oregon battery operated equipment, purchased new at Jonathon's, is subject to a ten day return window, and a 35% restocking fee. Only Oregon battery operated equipment batteries returned with the equipment the battery was sold with, is eligible for return.

Pick-Up & Delivery:

Services are provided, for a fee, if requested by the customer. Pick-Up & Delivery prices includes our driver getting your equipment, bringing the equipment to our shop, and also includes the return of your equipment upon completeion of the repairs. It is understood, by the customer, that during the travel of their equipment, Jonathon’s Yard & Garden Equipment Repair and/or their representatives, are not responsible for damages caused by road conditions, during said transport. Rates for this service are available by calling, and speaking with the operator.

Storage Fees:

Customers who drop off and pick up their own equipment, will be contacted the day repairs are completed. A second call will be made two days later. One calendar week after completion of repairs, a storage fee of $25 will be added at 8am. Two days later, and every day to follow, a $10 fee will be added at the close of each business day. To avoid these fees, please make proper arrangements with the operator if you equipment will need to remain in our possession longer then three days after repair completion.

Late Payment Fees:

Any account with a balance due beyond sixty days will be assessed a fee on the account equivalent to 1.5% (18% annum) until account is paid. We never charge a fee on the late fees, just the principle amount due on the original invoice(s).

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